What is the Employment Insurance System?

The Employment Insurance System was introduced in January 2018 as a safety net to provide unemployed workers with financial aid and to assist them in their search for new jobs. In addition to that, employees looking for new jobs will also be provided assistance with job search, career counselling and job suitability through the Re-Employment Placement Program.

What is the Re-Employment Placement Program?

The Re-Employment Placement Program by SOCSO provides Public Employment Services for EIS beneficiaries, Return to Work Program participants and all categories of job seekers including unemployed graduates or job seekers intending to seek career enhancement.

The Re-Employment Placement Program consist a variety of dynamic and individualized active labour market programs including career counselling, employability programs, job searching, job matching and training. The unique aspect of this program is that it is driven by a dedicated Employment Services Officer who manages the job seekers on a one – to one basis to assess and understand the employment gaps in each individual that are barriers to employment. The Employment Services Officer then designs specific programs to increase the employability of the individual with the objective to increase career prospects. Monitoring between 1 – 3 months is also done by the Employment Services Officer to ensure that the job seeker is able to sustain at the workplace.